Church People

Many of us, including myself, have grown up attending the American Church for all of our lives.  Through attending Church so often and hearing so much of the Word of God, we have unconsciously hardened our heart toward it because we never applied much of it.  This video challenged me as I hope and pray it does to you.  Remember; we will NEVER outgrow our need for the Gospel. It is imperative that we continue to be drawn into repentance; for if we are not continually repenting, it is very likely we never repented to begin with.

*I do not endorse or agree fully with everything Nate Pfeil says or believes*


5 thoughts on “Church People

  1. Jimi Baccarin says:

    Dude…that video was amazing…makes me think

  2. itlacey says:

    Let me tell you a story Jordan… I personally know this guy. You don’t want to. I’ll have to tell you about him on monday.

  3. Gary says:

    Where I agree:
    – Christ gave an amazing sacrifice.
    – Some people assume they are Christian when they are not.
    – We must take sin seriously and seek daily to die to self.

    Where I’m confused:
    He says he’s talking to Church people, not unbelievers, but he keeps referring to those who intentionally indulge in sin and simply profess to be a Christian.

    Where I disagree:
    – God does not un-adopt his chosen children and send them to hell.
    – It’s not just speaking God’s Word that’s important, but speaking in a way that people will listen and respond. Alienating the audience with the truth is nothing to be proud of. A condescending tone is not a spiritual gift.

    Where I speculate:
    Often, it’s the angry preacher who secretly practices the same sins he speaks so strongly against.

  4. all true statements. and my friend ike pointed out that he does have some weird beliefs.

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