Expect To Win

A few weeks ago I was talking to one of my teammates about attending a cheerleading competition (yes…  I know…) in Concord, North Carolina, 30 minutes from Charlotte, NC.  I remember making the comment that we should go to church together that weekend at Elevation Church and as a result people on the team would “get saved”.  Just a flippant comment, but God began to expand on that in my heart.

Why is it that I expect life change at this particular church, but do not expect it elsewhere?  Why do I think that God is somehow weaker at another location?  Is He not mighty to save everywhere?  What makes the difference?

These thoughts continued to permeate my thoughts and prayer, bringing me back to Ephesians 3:20 over and over.  I cannot continue to put 8 foot ceilings on what God can do and believe that He will bless that notion.

The thought of expecting God to show up big became even more vivid just this past Monday, when I was reading as a part of my morning meeting with God.  I read through the first 6 chapters of Joshua that morning.  What truly amazed me was how Joshua seemingly never doubted God; he expected to win.

“…for tomorrow the LORD will do great wonders among you.” (Joshua 3:5 NLT, emphasis mine)

Maybe it was from the 3 times that God commanded him to be strong and courageous in 1:6-9.  I know if God commanded me 3 times to be strong and courageous that might just have an impact on me.

Maybe it was from the realization that the LORD was with him wherever he went and would not leave him (1:5;9).

Maybe it was from God commanding Joshua to study the book of the Law day and night (1:8) that created an “expectation to win”.  The fact that he was so immersed with God’s past faithfulness and his power may have cultivated a great faith within him.

Maybe it was something else.  I am not sure what exactly it was, but it is something I want.  I want to expect God to win.  I want to expect him to deliver.  And even if he doesn’t (Daniel 3:18), I want to expect it.

If God is going to move, I need to have the faith that he is going to do it.  Not a faith that half-way believes, but a faith that EXPECTS lives to be changed to the fullest extent.  God does not move in God-like ways for half-way faith. He moves for expecting faith.  For faith that casts aside doubt and knows that “the LORD will do great wonders among you.”

Besides, if God shows up small, no one gives him the credit.  It is easy to steal credit or misdirect the credit when God moves in small ways.  I want God to show up in such a great way that I cannot even try and steal the credit; it’s simply impossible.

Where in your life do you need to expect God to deliver?

Expect to win.


2 thoughts on “Expect To Win

  1. This is a great post, Jordan. Something we all need to be reminded of. Thanks for being so real and so inspirational.

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