Yeah I Feel Ya… Part Two

“Then the eleven disciples left for Galilee, going to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go.  When they saw him, they worshiped him–but some of them still doubted!” (Matthew 28:16-17, NLT, emphasis mine)

There are things you will always doubt.

Jesus never called us to believe his arguments; he called us to follow him.

This illustration by John Ortberg in his book, Faith and Doubt, put this in a great perspective for me.  He starts by telling the audience that he has a twenty dollar bill in his hand and asks for a volunteer who believes him.  He then tells the volunteer that he is about to destroy his or her faith.  He then opens his hand and shows the twenty dollar bill.  The reason he can say that he is destroying their faith is because they now know that he holds the bill.  They see the bill and don’t need faith anymore.  Faith is required only when we have doubts, when we do not know for sure.  When knowledge comes, faith is no more.

Something that has helped me control my doubt and increase my faith is this: you must put the knowable on top of the unknowable.  You must fix your eyes on Christ and his resurrection.  Stop looking around at all the other junk and focus on Jesus.  Know that God has your back, even if he chooses a path that you don’t like!  Your faith should not be based on your feelings!  It should be based on Christ.

In John 9, a blind man who now had sight was brought to the Pharisees to be questioned.  Jesus had healed him of his once blindness and the Pharisees did not believe it.  They thought Jesus was clearly a sinner and could not have healed him, so they asked him again who had healed him.

“’I don’t know whether he is a sinner,’ the man replied.  ‘But I know this: I was blind, and now I can see!’” (John 9:25, NLT)

This once blind man did not know how Jesus healed him or who exactly he was, but he knew that he had been healed.  He took what he knew and put it on top of all the questions he had.

You will always have a certain amount of doubt.  But really is that doubt enough to stop you from believing in the one and only risen son of God?  My life was radically changed for Christ, as were the disciples, and countless others.  And Christ lives. That should be more than enough.  Stop embracing a God that is only believable if he does your will and embrace the God that brought Jesus Christ back from the dead.  Focus on Jesus; not your feelings.  Remember God does what he wants; not what we want. Sometimes that may hurt for a while.  But ultimately knowing that Christ rose from the dead and having him change our life will break even the toughest doubt.

Uncertainty is a great reminder that I am not God. I don’t control everything.  God is in control and if I focus on Christ I can put my knowledge of him over my doubts.


One thought on “Yeah I Feel Ya… Part Two

  1. God’s words are flowing through you, Jordan!

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