Unleashing Babel

The next few days are going to be pretty hectic for me.  I will be speaking tonight at my youth ministry at Brentwood Church called Collide, on our relationship with technology.  Then I will be heading down to South Carolina for Unleash at NewSpring Church.  I am pretty excited about both of them.

Here are a couple of thoughts from what I will be speaking on:

  • How do we interact with technology in a way that both acknowledges how important it is to us, but doesn’t make it too important?
  • How can we make sure our technology does not become our idol?
  • Genesis 11:1-9
  • The bricks weren’t the problem—the intent of the people was.
  • Are you using technology for good or evil? Has it become your idol?
  • Are you allowing technology to have too much ownership of your time and attention?
  • Have you allowed technology to become your life and in some ways replace God?
  • What is your biggest brick? What kind of tower are you building?  Do you need to tear it down?
  • The best way to see how dependent you are on something is to step away from it for a while.

Check out the podcast on Brentwood Students, just click on “collide” and “podcasts”.

As for Unleash, you can check that out too!  Except that one will be streaming live!  (only the main sessions.  Not the breakouts.  Sorry!) Here is the link.  It is going to be awesome!


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