Discipline Part One

Spiritual disciplines are something that most of us have no clue what to do with… if we even know what they are.  The vast majority know two things: we are to read our Bible and pray.  But isn’t there more to it than just reading a couple verses and talking to God?  For a long time I never realized there was more to it than that, and even now I am probably still missing quite a few good ones (if you have some ideas feel free to comment!).  So, since I love lists, I am going to give you my top 10 spiritual disciplines that I invest time into every week (or day, depending on the discipline).

1. Systematic Reading of the Bible. What the heck is that?  Well put simply, its reading the Bible book by book and chapter by chapter, not skipping around and randomly reading different Scripture each day.  If we are to truly grasp the text, we must read it in an organized fashion.  God did not just compile a whole bunch of quotes for us to read at random. There is a rhyme and reason to it all.  Read each book from start to finish as it was meant to be read.  Now, my reading from book to book may change.  Specifically at this very moment, I am reading in a style that I call “6×6” (that is pronounced “six-by-six” if you were wondering).  This style entails that I read six chapters of a book on Monday.  Then on the next six days of the week, I go back and read one chapter each day from the six chapters I read on Monday.  For example, I read the first 6 chapters of Matthew on Monday, then on Tuesday I read Matthew 1, then on Wednesday Matthew 2, etc.  Then after that week is complete I move on to the next six chapters of the book.  Two weeks from now, I will be reading the New Testament in 30 days (newthru30).  Over the summer my plan is to read the Bible in 90 days (B90x).  Starting in September I plan to read the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice in one year (McCheyne).  Now, you don’t have to do these exact things, but they are a few clear examples of reading the Bible with purpose. 

2. Deliberate Organized Prayer. So once again this might be confusing (sorry… I probably should stop using these big words that even I don’t understand…).  Basically, we need to pray in an organized way.  Too often we just pray randomly with no structure.  When we begin to pray so randomly, we start praying for the same things over and over and never pray anything meaningful.  We just pray for whatever comes to our mind at that specific time.  We need to organize our prayers so that our prayer is much more focused and specific; concentrating our prayer power.  But don’t ever kick spontaneous prayer to the curb, spontaneous is good, just don’t let it be the only thing.


3 thoughts on “Discipline Part One

  1. Jake Nelson says:

    I just started the systematic reading about 4 or 5 days ago and was pumped to see your on board! I am using Zonderman’s “Read the Bible in 90 Days” plan but since I don’t have his specific bible, I am just using corresponding chapters to keep on track. I think I am finishing Exodus tonight! Spring Break is awesome! I actually get a lot of time to read!

    I enjoy your blog man, keep it up! I do wanna get together whenever we’re both home sometime and catch up! It’s been too long! And I have a feeling we’ve both changed drastically based on the conversation we’re having right now haha.

  2. you have no idea how overjoyed i am to hear this from you! thats so awesome! i know you must be doin awesome if you are excited about exodus! haha.

    and thanks a lot. im really glad someone at least likes it. i just hope it helps some people out, and it helps me concentrate my thoughts and all.

    and we should for sure meet up. although it will have to be after the semester for me because i am leaving for school tomorrow morning. ill be back at the latest may 17th.

  3. Jake Nelson says:

    Ya I back in Cape Girardeau already ( I got busy the last couple days with wedding plans and stuff like that so sorry for the late reply). I will living here full time once school gets out but I’ll be home on some weekends unless you wanna road trip down to this nice city…You really don’t though because there isn’t a whole bunch here.

    Just let me know. Finishing up Exodus tonight though! I’m pumped! Although, you were right when you were surprised I enjoyed it. I got to the descriptions of EVERYTHING that was in the Tabernacle and it wasn’t very good at keeping my attention for long periods of time…. But other than that I have enjoyed it thus far.

    Have a good semester man! I look forward to meeting up with you!

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