Discipline Part Three

7. Learning. Now this may seem like an obvious principle, but by learning I am suggesting learning from others not just your own personal Bible study.  I love listening to podcasts (or watching them if they are cool enough to do that), reading blogs, and reading books.  I feel that sermons, blogs, and books can inspire and motivate someone to keep their walk with Christ fresh.  They also keep people stepping up their spiritual game.  I know it does that for me.

8. Journaling. I have always heard that many people do this, but never really became consistent with it until this past summer.  Before then I had played around with it, but I finally decided that I needed to make sure that I was applying what I was learning and writing it down would obviously help me to do it.  For me, I journal the main point, my thoughts, and my application.  I don’t get too crazy with it, but I do enough to engrain the Biblical principle in my mind and also write enough to be able to look back on God’s faithfulness and providence.  Writing it down has many good side-effects.

9. The Daniel 3 a day. Now I have not really tested this one out much.  It is actually very new; just a few weeks old.  But the basic idea is based around how Daniel prayed in the Bible.  “…Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed…” (Daniel 6:10b).  Basically I have taken what Daniel did and modified it a little to my own preference.  The main idea is to pray at least three times daily (morning, afternoon, night, etc.) on my knees, surrendering to God.  This keeps me focused on God and not myself.  I also have taken this principle to my Bible study.  After doing my morning meeting with God I will try and revisit the passage, main point, and application two more times that day. This really helps the passage to sink in and take root, rather than quickly forgetting it.

10. Fasting. I really stink at this one actually.  But I know how powerful it is, which should make me want to do it more!  I have heard so many testimonies of the power of fasting, I am not sure why I don’t do it more.  Fasting from food is not the only way to fast either.  Try fasting from certain internet sites (or the entire internet!), texting, television, etc.  The basic principle of fasting is denying something you are attached to and replacing the time you would normally be using for that and use it to meet up with God.  Don’t just deny yourself from Facebook for 40 days to only find another website to waste your time on (I might have personal experience with that one…).

Now, there are many others, but I don’t have room to put them all here!  If you have any spiritual discipline that has helped you, feel free to share it!  I know at least I could benefit from it.  And remember, in the tough times, your spiritual disciplines will carry you.  The disciplines that you have made and kept will make sure you stay connected to the life source (Christ) even in the dry and parched land of the dip.


One thought on “Discipline Part Three

  1. This has encouraged me to get back at my spiritual journaling. Have been half-hearted in it or none at all, but I agree it reaps many blessings and insights.

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