The Limiting Factor

A few weeks ago, during a convocation at Liberty University a certain pastor was speaking.  He did a fabulous job and was truly motivating to kick off a good church planting emphasis week.

But after convo I was in my Pastoral Leadership 450 class, and before it begun, I overheard two students discussing his message. Each one felt that he had misinterpreted the text and thought that he put too much emphasis on the spiritual.  Now I did not get the whole conversation, but from what I heard I was very angry.

I believe that we as the church, and disciples of Christ in general, have forgotten about his power.  We have forgotten about the Holy Spirit.  We try to do church and ministry without God.  We don’t seem to need him.  No longer is there any spiritual component to anything.

What happened in the beginning of Acts can’t happen anymore.  3,000+ saved in one sermon?  Can’t happen.  People being saved everyday?  Can’t happen.

I think that is ludicrous.  I think that is why God isn’t doing anything.  We don’t believe or act like he can!

Since when did we come up with the idea that it was okay to put a limit on God?

I don’t know.  But it makes me mad.  Stop limiting God.


If he wanted to save 3,000 people in one sermon tomorrow, most people would be skeptical at best.  Why is that?  That makes no sense.  God moved!  We should be rejoicing!  Not arguing.

Maybe I am wrong.  But I do know we limit God.  And that needs to stop.


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