The last message I preached on image sparked a little debate between a few of my friends when I first shared it with them.  I explained that the application for the students was to read all 4 Gospels in 30 days.  I believed that by reading about Jesus and what he was like the students would be compelled to step up and follow his example.

The original application, however, was to simply evaluate your “facebook”, and such, to decide if you should take down a few pictures.  Now this is a very easy and obvious step that everyone can take… but I feel that this issue of image goes much deeper than that… as well as many other issues.

I feel as though just looking at your facebook simply leads to behavior modification.  It does not lead to heart change.  I want heart change.

I don’t want to make the students trim away at the weeds of their life, only to see them return at the same level they were the week before.  That is a waste of time to me.

I want to get to the source.  I wont to root out the problem.  I want to kill the problem.  Otherwise the problem will just grow back over time.

Trying to kill the symptom of the problem simply leads to temporary relief.  Taking ibuprofen for a broken leg may lead to temporary relief… but it will not heal the problem.  Surgery will heal the problem.

However I do not want to neglect the taking down of pictures on facebook that may be inappropriate… but I believe the issue stems much deeper than that.  It is a heart issue that must be dealt with appropriately.  And reading the Gospels, for many of the students the first time, will begin a process of real healing.

Don’t just go after the symptom.  Go after the root.

The goal is NOT behavior modification.  The goal IS heart change.


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