Becoming Elite

I often have a hard time finding the balance between…

1)      Working my butt off to have a spiritually elite relationship with Christ


2)      Resting in the grace and mercy of Christ to carry on my sanctification.

There is such a fine line… and by my personality I generally fall to the side of working my way to a relationship with Jesus.

I believe that neither extreme is right.  In fact, any extreme is generally wrong.  It seems as though most answers are found somewhere in the middle.

But I often wonder where the line is spiritually.

Because a relationship with Jesus is not easy.  It was not meant to be a cake walk.  He desires us to work vigorously.  But on the flip side of the coin… works never gained us a relationship with Him… and neither will they keep our relationship with Him or should they truly advance it.  Our greatest works and efforts are still only as good as filthy rags.

I always liked this saying: Pray like it depends on God and work like it depends on you.

I feel like that helps me bridge the gap in this area.  Christ has called for absolute excellence and I will give every fiber that is within me to attaining that goal.  But at the same time I will fully hide myself in the grace that He provides and uses to grow and mature me.

But ultimately… I believe that regardless of what I do… it is all Jesus in the end. That is all it has ever been.  He called me.  He leads me.  He changes me.  He does it all.

I guess I just like to think that I am part of the equation… even though I really have nothing to do with the work of Christ at all… in me… in others… in anything…

Reference – The entire book of Colossians.


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