Our goal at Metro Community Church is to be a church where people want to move closer to God, each other, and the disconnected.

But I have been thinking.  The majority of us are probably only reaching one of these three goals very well.  Each goal represents 33% of the intended total target.

So… say we are really good at moving closer to the disconnected.  Or really good at moving closer to God.  Or really good at moving closer to each other… but stink at everything else.

No one is perfect at any area… so I will give “really good” a 25% of the goal.  Throw in 8% for being really bad at the other ones and you come to a total of 41%.  That is a far cry from a passing grade.  And yet I have a feeling the vast majority of us are in the 40-60 percentile.

Lets relate that to Baseball.  The worst record in the past 40 years came in 2003 from the Detroit Tigers.  They were 43-119 in a 162 game season.  They won about 26% of their games.  That is pretty bad.  That got them absolutely nowhere.

In the same way, reaching only 41% of our target goal of movement as a church leads us absolutely nowhere but the bottom of the division.

We must realize that only doing one thing well as a church is bad news.

Don’t lose yourself in one area and forget the others.  33% of the puzzle never solved anything.

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