Agree or Disagree? Underhype vs. Overhype

Agree or Disagree?

Which is better?  Overhype or Underhype?

Here is my take…

Overhype sucks.  But so does underhype.

Everyone has generally experienced the overhyped event.  The event that is talked about for months in advance.  The event that has been promoted on every possible piece of material.  The event that promises to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

But then under delivers… big time.

But what about underhype?  Why is that such a bad thing?

Well.  If you underhype your event… you rob your event of the powerful punch it could have packed.

If you had adequately excited people for the event they would have been praying, inviting others, coming with expectant hearts… etc.

But because they are expecting nothing… no one shows up.  No one cares.  Lives that could have been changed… are still at home.

Both suck.  Be sure to deliver.

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