5000 to 4000

Mark 8:1-21 details the account of Jesus multiplying a little food for a lot of people… 4,000 men in fact (not including women and children).

The funny thing that I noticed about this was the disciples response to Jesus when they needed to feed everyone.

“His disciples answered, ‘But where in this remote place can anyone get enough bread to feed them?’” – Mark 8:4

This may not seem like a big deal… but a few chapters earlier (Mark 6:30-42) Jesus had fed 5,000 men.

That’s 5,000….  Not 5….  Not 500….  5,000.  That is a pretty big deal.

Therefore, I feel like there is a pretty big lack of faith or just sheer ignorance on the disciples part.  Probably a mixture of both, but I can’t really say.

They surely remember the faithfulness and power of Jesus a few days or weeks or months ago… yet for some reason they either forget or choose not to trust him this time…

I see this same type of response with the Israelites all throughout Exodus and Numbers.  God has done so many miracles… 10 plagues, parting the red sea, making bread and meat appear from nowhere, making water come from a rock, opening up the ground and swallowing people, making snakes appear and bite and kill people… and numerous more… yet the Israelites continue to feel the need to believe God has brought them out of Egypt to only let them die… that God can’t handle the next challenge.

What gives?

Why do we do the same thing?

When will we finally stop our lack of faith and ignorance and believe that God can handle things?

He has got this situation… just like He had the one before that one… and before that one…

He has always been faithful and always will be faithful.

Just trust him.  He will deliver.

Just like last time.


2 thoughts on “5000 to 4000

  1. Believer says:

    I don’t think the bible should be taken so literally. While it’s clear that you know your bible stories well, you might not use the details to prove points. Those numbers are less important than the greater goal.


  2. Anonymous says:

    What should you not take so literally? Believing that God can and still does miracles? It seems ironic to me that you label yourself a “Believer.” It seems that you are not believing and embracing that God is still able to do the impossible. Keep up the good work, Jordan!

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