NewSpring Leadership Conference Zingers

I had the privilege to attend NewSpring Church’s first leadership conference this past thursday.  It was sick nasty.  My mind was blown many, many, many times.  Therefore, I thought I would hook you up with a few of the quotes that blew my mind.

Francis Chan

  • In the Scriptures it is perfectly normal to not know what is coming next.

Mark Driscoll

  • If you want God to use you greatly He must wound you deeply!
  • Suffering costs so much!  Don’t waste it!
  • When you suffer you are forced to reduce life to the essentials.
  • As Paul gets closer to Jesus the more he realizes his own sin.

Steven Furtick

  • If people say it has never been done, God may have left it for you to do.
  • Don’t become so familiar with the fireworks that you forget how special it is!
  • Everything is worthless if there is no specific and immediate obedience.
  • The most extraordinary acts of God begin with ordinary obedience!
  • NOTHING is insignificant when done for Christ!

Perry Noble

  • Before God wants to do something great through you he wants to do something in you!
  • Don’t be addicted to activity and not Jesus.
  • If you have never had an “oh crap” moment you haven’t heard from God!

Judah Smith

  • When you try to make God a math equation he will ensure that your seven steps DON’T work.
  • The first step to getting to the other side is ADMITTING you are not there!

Andy Stanley

  • Church is NOT for church people.
  • Acceptance paves the way to influence.
  • Partner DON’T pioneer.
  • If we weren’t careful in the beginning… why are we now??
  • God has not called us to protect anything!! We are called to advance a kingdom!!
  • You started with nothing… its okay to go back to nothing!

Jud Wilhite

  • Don’t try to be cool.  Don’t try to be creative.  Tell the truth.
  • Are people leaving church talking about the program, the message, etc, or Jesus??

2 thoughts on “NewSpring Leadership Conference Zingers

  1. Kayla Silvey says:

    Oh whoa….does NewSpring Church plan to have another leadership conference like this one?? Cause that is…whoa! i mean, gooooood stuff..

  2. Honestly i am not sure, but i think they are looking at actually putting everything online from this one.

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