Different styled post today.  I am going to review two different new albums that are out now.

1)      Lecrae – Rehab

If you haven’t heard this guys music… you probably have been living under a rock… or else you are kind of old… rap isn’t for the faint of heart.

Lecrae in my opinion is the best Christian rap/hip-hop artist out there.  His last album, before this latest one, “Rebel” is in my opinion one of the very best in all of rap/hip-hop… secular or Christian.

His new album, Rehab, shows off his talent even more than the previous one.  There is a vast style difference between each song that he presents on this album.

His lyrics throughout the album are once again stellar… as always.  His songs are more biblical than any other “Christian” song you will hear on your local Christian radio station.  There is no ambiguity about it, he preaches Christ through rap and hip hop.

I would suggest if you like that style of music to get your hands on it right away!

However… do know… that this album is much more on the mellow side compared to his past.  He still has a few harder rap songs on Rehab, but it is much more mellow overall.

2)      Elevation Worship – Kingdom Come

This is Elevation Church’s worship band’s third album.  They once again have produced one of the best worship albums I have ever heard.  They are the only worship band that I know of that can actually compete with Hillsong.

My suggestion is to get it right away.  The lyrics are pure gold.  They motivate and exhort.  The music itself sounds great.  Get it now!

P.S. I forgot to post my small group lesson from last week… I will do it this week, along with the one that is for this week.


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