Ten Random Thoughts

1.       I believe consistency is the key to every type of growth.  Whether it be in the classroom, the weight room, relationships, or with God.  A grand slam every 6 months will never replace your .180 batting average.  You need to stay consistent with anything to make sure it continues to grow.

2.       Memorizing large chunks of Scripture is actually not as hard as you might think.  Just keep going over them a few times a day and you should be golden (However, trying to memorize Scripture from the original Koine Greek is a bit more challenging… agh Greek 301).

3.       I seem to have a problem that many people do not have.  I tend to be too organized and future driven sometimes… well… a lot of times.  I need to live in the now.  It is really hard to change this pattern because so many people are striving to get where I am at; while I am trying to leave it.

4.       I don’t mind Boise State.  Really, I don’t.  I just don’t think they should play in the championship game.  They don’t have the body of work that other teams have.

5.       Buy the new Elevation Worship album (Kingdom Come).  It’s awesome.

6.       As it pertains to preaching, I think I have finally decided that preaching from a short outline is the way to go.  I have heard many plead the case of the manuscript and others support the outline.  I have tried both.  I think they both have distinct advantages and disadvantages, but I think the advantages of the outline are tremendously more than the manuscript.  Without boring you to death here, let’s just say it frees you up to be yourself… and if you know your material like you should, you won’t miss anything too important.

7.       Disciplines are very hard to obtain… but also very hard to maintain.

8.       I think for many of us, Satan may attack us in a different way… lulling us to sleep… If we are not awake, we can’t do any work for the kingdom… and we don’t even realize it… because we are asleep.  Don’t sleep through it.

9.       More is not always better.  But less is not always better either.  Find the medium.

10.   If we are not maintaining our foundation… it will all come crashing down. If we are not meeting with God… reading his Word and praying… we are neglecting our foundation.  So what if we create a beautiful house of great deeds.  So what if we donate millions of dollars, build a great ministry… etc… If we don’t have a strong foundation… it will all come crashing down.


2 thoughts on “Ten Random Thoughts

  1. Conner says:

    #3 is so true with me too!

    And #9 is a topic we talk about in my organizational/management communication classes. “More is not better. BETTER is better.”

    Thanks for the list!

  2. Number 8 reminds me of an old Keith Green song, “Asleep in the Light.” You should listen to it sometime.

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