Jesus is…

Often times when we read our Bible we become stuck in many different “spiritual ruts,” whether it be simply skimming the Bible and never absorbing anything or jumping from passage to passage so as to never find and understand the context. But there is one rut that I seem to fall into all too often… that is the “Find Waldo Approach.” What does that mean, you ask. Well Sinclair Ferguson is the one who I heard coin the term when he said:

Too often preaching on the Gospels takes what I whimsically think of as the “Find Waldo Approach.” The underlying question in the sermon is “Where are you to be found in this story?” (are you Martha or Mary, James and John, Peter, the grateful leper . . . ?). The question “Where, who and what is Jesus in this story?” tends to be marginalized.

That is the basic premise of the “Find Waldo Approach;” searching the Scriptures in eager anticipation of finding myself… rather than searching for the one who they are pointing to… Jesus.

In an effort to help reverse this trend in my reading (it is not always bad to find yourself… but it becomes bad when you continually do this… yes there are many passages that are directed at the reader/hearer… but many are designed to show Jesus.) I decided to have some of my friends and I read through the book of Hebrews… and rather than searching for application points in our lives… search for all the different awesome aspects of Jesus.  Then afterward we were to pray over the aspects (minimum of 15) and thank God for the all-surpassing awesomeness that is Jesus!

Below is the list of the awesome aspects that I found about Jesus… in Hebrews alone I found 28 in just one reading through! I know there are many more awesome aspects of Jesus just waiting to be found out there… in Hebrews and beyond! What better way to cultivate a spirit of thankfulness and humility than to soak in the greatness of God?

Jesus is….
Prophet – 1:2

Son – 1:2

Heir – 1:2

Creator – 1:2

God – 1:3

Sustainer (Sovereign) – 1:3

Priest – 1:3

King – 1:3

Superior – 1:4

Founder of Salvation – 2:10

Propitiation – 2:17

Merciful – 2:17

Faithful – 2:17; 3:2, 6

Sufferer – 2:18

High Priest – 3:1

Apostle – 3:1

Sinless – 4:15

Perfect – 5:9

Source of Salvation – 5:9

Forerunner – 6:20

Guarantee of a better covenant – 7:22

Holy – 7:26

Innocent – 7:26

Unstained – 7:26

Separate from sinners – 7:26

Exalted above the heavens – 7:26

Mediator of a new covenant – 9:15; 12:24

Great Shepherd – 13:20

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